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Go to Your Business and Windows 10: Testing and Upgrade Scenarios for SMBs

Your Business and Windows 10: Testing and Upgrade Scenarios for SMBs

Should you upgrade your business to Windows 10? How and when? Thoughts, considerations, scenarios, and ideas for business owners and the technical staff in charge of those networks.

Go to When normal startup … isn’t.

When normal startup … isn’t.

My desktop computer was working fantastically well after its Windows 10 upgrade. Before I broke it by telling it to perform a “Normal startup.” Yes, really. But I was able to fix it, and the solution is here!

Go to My “Uh oh!” Moment with OneDrive

My “Uh oh!” Moment with OneDrive

You know how Oprah has “Ah Ha!” moments? Well, I had an “Uh oh!” moment.

Go to Windows 10 Updates – Have it your way!

Windows 10 Updates – Have it your way!

In Windows 10, Microsoft removed your ability to control when updates are downloaded and installed. But you can easily get under the hood to change the setting. Here’s how.

Go to 10/4/2015 Update to Updates

10/4/2015 Update to Updates

What does Windows do if you took control of your updating via Local Group Policy, and then don’t install an offered update?

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Geek girl in the Arizona desert

Looking for ITRethink or MyITDirector.net? You are in the right spot. Those sites are still under development, coming very soon. In the meantime, welcome to my personal tech blog!

For my entire 30-years-so-far professional career, I have been involved in the IT field. For 22 of those years I founded, owned and operated TLC Networks, Inc., a computer network support firm (MSP). After a brief respite, I'm starting two new firms!

As a business owner I've managed staff, subcontractors, client relationships, and everything else one expects (and doesn't expect!) to take on as an owner.

For my clients, I've assumed the roles of Support Engineer, Network Architect, IT Director, trusted advisor, and pretty much everything in between. Talking through needs and budgets with business owners and CFOs? Check. Fixing crashed servers at 3am? Check. Handholding scared users through a technology change? Check. Designing network infrastructure? Check. Being a business technology coach for business owners and execs? Check.

Professionally, I cut my teeth on DOS 2.11. Since then I have installed, managed, and wrangled into submission every OS version Microsoft has since released for PCs and servers, with 3Com, Novell, Citrix, and Microsoft certifications in between. I've wired entire floors of office buildings, installed physical and virtual servers, deployed firewalls, and moved clients into the cloud.

After living in the Chicago area for nearly all my life, I now reside just outside Phoenix, AZ. This flatlander fell in love with the mountains years ago, and they've been calling my name ever since. Finally, I decided to pay attention!

My blog is about all of the above. Let's share knowledge and have fun! Please participate! I hope you enjoy it.

You can find out more about my blog on this page, and more about me, ITRethink and MyITDirector.net on this page.

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