March 17, 2017

A bit more about me

Everyone has a story! I’ll assume you already saw this page. Here’s a few more details.

The firm I founded in 1992, TLC Networks, Inc., served as the outsourced IT department, technical advisor and trusted partner for Chicago-area businesses and their remote branches across the nation.  We partnered with firms that did not need a full-time technical staff, and teamed with the IT staff of larger firms that needed extra hands or a different skill set.  Our focus was technical expertise delivered via friendly and attentive customer service, leading to trusted and long-lasting business partnerships.

People often ask what our vertical was.  My answer is that our vertical was a horizontal!  Our clients’ business sectors ran the gamut:  Banking, Insurance, Software Development, Healthcare, Venture Capital, Nonprofit, Real Estate, Manufacturing, Distribution, Education, Retail, Service.

To help me realize my longtime dream of living out west, I sold my Chicago-based firm.  It was the right move at the right time for all the right reasons. After years of nothing more than a long weekend serving as a vacation, I took some time to divest, explore, move, settle in, relax a bit, and do some things I’ve wanted to do for a long time, before leaping headlong into the next adventure: starting another new firm!

In the interim, I’ve really enjoyed working on my blog! I love creating the content (for every posted article I’ve got another dozen waiting), but as a geek of course I simply must do the tech part of the blog, too. I’ve created it in the Amazon Web Services cloud, setting up an Ubuntu Linux instance. The CMS is WordPress utilizing Bitnami’s Multisite stack.

My new company is IT Rethink.  There are three facets to my new venture, one of which I’m marketing separately with its own identity:   I have not yet launched these two websites as I write this. If you browse to either site before they are ready, you’ll be redirected back here to the JFace Blog.

I can help you and your business in three ways:
1. I find business problems, and devise IT solutions to fix them.
2. I am your outsourced IT Director. I instantly give your business decades of broad and deep IT technical and management experience.
3. I am your IT Coach. When you need to know IT, I am an experienced business and technical advisor and fellow entrepreneur who has worked with entrepreneurs and all levels of staff for my entire career. I give you the information you need in a way you can understand, so you can make great business decisions.

Rethink your IT to revitalize your business!

My LinkedIn profile has more details on IT Rethink as well as my background and experience.

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